Selective Direct Debit Renewal Strategies

Selective Direct Debit Renewal Strategies

For subscription-based businesses, securing a high renewal rate is key to maintaining a stable and growing customer base. Myriad’s selections routine now provides a solution to boost Direct Debit subscription renewal rates.

The selective Direct Debit renewal strategy allows businesses to update direct debit rates for specific groups of subscribers and this feature can be employed to test and monitor various scenarios.

One of the most common applications of selective Direct Debit renewal is to test the impact of price increases or special offers on subscription renewal rates. By creating a targeted group of subscribers and applying the changes, businesses can determine how their audience responds to adjustments in pricing or offers.

It is also a valuable tool for promoting renewal upgrades. By identifying subscribers who are approaching their renewal dates, businesses can offer these customers an opportunity to upgrade their existing subscriptions. This can be done by providing additional features, services, or a higher-tier subscription at an attractive price point. Myriad makes it easy to target the right audience for such opportunities, ensuring a higher success rate.

Finally, Myriad’s selective Direct Debit renewal strategy allows for the precise targeting of subscribers who fit the criteria of various campaigns to promote their subscriptions. This precision ensures that subscribers receive relevant and personalised offers, increasing the likelihood of renewing their subscriptions.

By continuously testing and adjusting renewal strategies with this useful tool, businesses can optimise their subscription renewal rates over time which boosts revenue and enhances customer retention and loyalty.

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Integration of Dotdigital into Myriad

Integration of Dotdigital into Myriad

In a recent development at Gordon & Gotch, the integration of Dotdigital with a two-way real-time connection, Myriad can now further help to streamline your customer engagement and marketing strategies.

Dotdigital, an online marketing platform, can collect and consolidate data from various tools and systems used in marketing activities. The integration of this platform with Myriad creates an efficient flow of data and enhances contact management to ensure effective communication with customers.

One of the key features of this integration is the transfer of contact data from Myriad to Dotdigital. All Myriad contacts with an email address are passed to Dotdigital, ensuring that your email marketing campaigns have an up-to-date list of recipients.

The integration also allows for real-time contact amendments, meaning that any changes made to contact information in Myriad are instantly reflected in Dotdigital. This ensures that your marketing campaigns always target the most accurate and current contact details.

When emails sent via Dotdigital result in hard bounces or recipients opting to unsubscribe, this information is automatically fed back to Myriad.

Hard bounces, signifying invalid email addresses, set a stop code on the contact record in Myriad. This flag prompts the need to obtain a new, valid email address for the contact, ensuring that future marketing efforts can reach them successfully.

Unsubscribes are equally significant in maintaining compliance with data protection regulations and customer preferences. When a contact unsubscribes through Dotdigital, this action is communicated back to Myriad, and the email opt-ins for all newsletter demographics are removed for that contact, ensuring they do not receive any unwanted communication.

Hard bounces, unsubscribes, and changes to marketing preferences are all updated on the contact’s history, and a diary record is automatically added within Myriad, enabling users to easily see these changes, better understand customer behaviour, and maintain a full audit trail.

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Gordon & Gotch completes the development of a subscription issue-based dashboard

Gordon & Gotch completes the development of a subscription issue-based dashboard

Understanding your subscribers just got even easier with the recent development of a subscription issue-based dashboard, which provides graphic viewing of key performance indicators using charts, tables, cards, and maps.

Included in this development is an overview of copies in mailing, renewed and lapsing subscriptions, allowing you to visually measure the success of your renewal efforts. The performance of each promotion for new and renewal orders is easy to access and will determine which are generating the most engagement.

You can monitor renewal performance and movement, which can be filtered by payment category. Subscriber breakdown is now also available by country and post code area, to filter your results down to a specific geographic location.

These insights will enable publishers to target their marketing efforts efficiently and make data-driven decisions.

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Integration of Stripe into Myriad

Integration of Stripe into Myriad

As part of one of the latest developments at Gordon & Gotch, the integration of Stripe allows payments to now be taken within Myriad

There were two elements involved in this integration. The first allows users to take one-off payments within Myriad by inputting card details, which will then be processed by Stripe directly.

The second part to this integration focussed on the Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) function. The customer starts by placing an order via the website, which is payable via a CPA, and the first of the collections is then paid in Stripe.

Myriad will then create the plan accordingly, based on the frequency of collections (quarterly, annually etc.) and processes the payment when it is due. This is achieved by using the secure ID fields which are passed from Stripe through to Myriad when the initial payment was made at the point of purchase.

When a repeat payment is taken, Myriad is automatically updated with the payment from Stripe and the order is marked as paid for the correct amount of issues the collection covers.

At no point during the process will card details be stored within the software, keeping sensitive data secure at every stage.

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Release of Myriad version 6.0

Release of Myriad version 6.0

Gordon & Gotch reworks Myriad to help reenergise businesses

It’s a strange world out there in the publishing and events industries. It’s not so much business as usual, more business as – well, unusual.

But Gordon & Gotch didn’t sit around waiting for things to settle down. Instead, it asked itself how it could help people in the industries get ready for the moment the world returns to normal.

The answer was to take a fresh look at Myriad, its publishing administration software solution. In that way, Gordon & Gotch believed customers and prospects could find life even easier and more profitable. Here are a few of the improvements it put in place. The result is Myriad 6.

  1. Myriad 6 has a similar look and feel to Microsoft products, including ribbon bars and menu searches. With its new UI, there’s no learning curve: users can switch easily between one application and another.
  2. Security is now better, with new capabilities such as user password management. This places customers in full control of who sees what, and when.
  3. The Myriad 6 modules now include integrated licence-free document and spreadsheet applications. This allows people to carry on working without leaving the Myriad software environment.
  4. Myriad 6 allows the company to maintain and develop customers’ bespoke requirements more efficiently.

Because Myriad is even better, so the potential is even greater

Myriad 6 brings together all the varied information that publishing and events industries run on. It turns that information into a single, insight-rich store with all the relevant administrative systems and procedures built in. This makes it the one source of knowledge that can help release the full potential of customers’ businesses. And with its latest improvements, it’s even easier to capitalise on opportunities.

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