In the past year, Myriad has undergone over 150 improvements, encompassing new processes, integrations, reports, routines, and overall enhancements. As we approach the New Year, let’s reflect on the highlights at Gordon & Gotch over the last twelve months and provide a glimpse of what to expect in 2024.

New Integrations

Myriad’s latest integrations in 2023 mean that users now benefit from enhanced functionality, seamlessly connecting with leading platforms to streamline your subscription management processes. For example:

  • DataExchange now enables Myriad to access stock levels from Sage 200, facilitating the updating of product and subscription sales for management reporting and stock control purposes.

  • Our integration with Stripe enables users to make one-time payments within Myriad by entering card details, which are processed directly by Stripe, as well as including Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) functionality.

  • We also integrated Myriad with Dotdigital, an online marketing platform, which has the capability to gather and unify data from diverse tools and systems employed in marketing activities. This established a streamlined data flow, improving contact management for more effective communication with customers.
  • And finally, HubSpot, an American developer of inbound marketing software, has the capacity to receive data from Myriad for new contacts, modifications, subscriptions, and updates following a successful integration this year.

New Myriad Dashboards

With the recent development of a subscription issue-based dashboard, you now have access to graphic viewing of statistics using charts, tables, cards, and maps. The performance of each promotion for new and renewal orders is easy to access and will determine which are generating the most engagement. We also now offer a subscription time-based dashboard, which works in a similar way.

New Myriad Routines and Processes

You can also elevate your workflow efficiency with a number of Myriad’s newest routines and processes. This includes an inbuilt spreadsheet and document editor, which empowers businesses to replace traditional tools and applications such as Excel and Word, making a saving on license fees, removing any complications with different versions and simplifying remote working.

Businesses can also update direct debit rates for specific groups of subscribers, and this feature can be employed to test and monitor the impact of price increases or special offers on subscription renewal rates. By creating a targeted group of subscribers and applying the changes, businesses can determine how their audience responds to adjustments in pricing or offers.

The new welcome email campaigns generate customised emails or documents for Myriad customers, notifying them of new orders. This feature can also tailor communications for different promotions or offers as needed.

Over the years, your system data inevitably will grow, thereby increasing the size of your database. The latest automated data deletion feature allows you to remove historic data from the following tables:

  • Journal label runs
  • Book picking despatch runs
  • Contact history
  • Order history
  • Contact selection history

We’ve got big plans for next year and are currently planning a range of things, including even more dashboards for events, marketing, and sales. Additionally, we’re looking at implementing a rest endpoint to complement our SOAP integration and introduce a new report editor.

There’s plenty to start getting excited about here at Gordon & Gotch, but as the festive season approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Contact Graham Elliott to find out more at or call 0118 989 2003.