In a recent development at Gordon & Gotch, the integration of Dotdigital with a two-way real-time connection, Myriad can now further help to streamline your customer engagement and marketing strategies.

Dotdigital, an online marketing platform, can collect and consolidate data from various tools and systems used in marketing activities. The integration of this platform with Myriad creates an efficient flow of data and enhances contact management to ensure effective communication with customers.

One of the key features of this integration is the transfer of contact data from Myriad to Dotdigital. All Myriad contacts with an email address are passed to Dotdigital, ensuring that your email marketing campaigns have an up-to-date list of recipients.

The integration also allows for real-time contact amendments, meaning that any changes made to contact information in Myriad are instantly reflected in Dotdigital. This ensures that your marketing campaigns always target the most accurate and current contact details.

When emails sent via Dotdigital result in hard bounces or recipients opting to unsubscribe, this information is automatically fed back to Myriad.

Hard bounces, signifying invalid email addresses, set a stop code on the contact record in Myriad. This flag prompts the need to obtain a new, valid email address for the contact, ensuring that future marketing efforts can reach them successfully.

Unsubscribes are equally significant in maintaining compliance with data protection regulations and customer preferences. When a contact unsubscribes through Dotdigital, this action is communicated back to Myriad, and the email opt-ins for all newsletter demographics are removed for that contact, ensuring they do not receive any unwanted communication.

Hard bounces, unsubscribes, and changes to marketing preferences are all updated on the contact’s history, and a diary record is automatically added within Myriad, enabling users to easily see these changes, better understand customer behaviour, and maintain a full audit trail.

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