For subscription-based businesses, securing a high renewal rate is key to maintaining a stable and growing customer base. Myriad’s selections routine now provides a solution to boost Direct Debit subscription renewal rates.

The selective Direct Debit renewal strategy allows businesses to update direct debit rates for specific groups of subscribers and this feature can be employed to test and monitor various scenarios.

One of the most common applications of selective Direct Debit renewal is to test the impact of price increases or special offers on subscription renewal rates. By creating a targeted group of subscribers and applying the changes, businesses can determine how their audience responds to adjustments in pricing or offers.

It is also a valuable tool for promoting renewal upgrades. By identifying subscribers who are approaching their renewal dates, businesses can offer these customers an opportunity to upgrade their existing subscriptions. This can be done by providing additional features, services, or a higher-tier subscription at an attractive price point. Myriad makes it easy to target the right audience for such opportunities, ensuring a higher success rate.

Finally, Myriad’s selective Direct Debit renewal strategy allows for the precise targeting of subscribers who fit the criteria of various campaigns to promote their subscriptions. This precision ensures that subscribers receive relevant and personalised offers, increasing the likelihood of renewing their subscriptions.

By continuously testing and adjusting renewal strategies with this useful tool, businesses can optimise their subscription renewal rates over time which boosts revenue and enhances customer retention and loyalty.

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