Gordon & Gotch reworks Myriad to help reenergise businesses

It’s a strange world out there in the publishing and events industries. It’s not so much business as usual, more business as – well, unusual.

But Gordon & Gotch didn’t sit around waiting for things to settle down. Instead, it asked itself how it could help people in the industries get ready for the moment the world returns to normal.

The answer was to take a fresh look at Myriad, its publishing administration software solution. In that way, Gordon & Gotch believed customers and prospects could find life even easier and more profitable. Here are a few of the improvements it put in place. The result is Myriad 6.

  1. Myriad 6 has a similar look and feel to Microsoft products, including ribbon bars and menu searches. With its new UI, there’s no learning curve: users can switch easily between one application and another.
  2. Security is now better, with new capabilities such as user password management. This places customers in full control of who sees what, and when.
  3. The Myriad 6 modules now include integrated licence-free document and spreadsheet applications. This allows people to carry on working without leaving the Myriad software environment.
  4. Myriad 6 allows the company to maintain and develop customers’ bespoke requirements more efficiently.

Because Myriad is even better, so the potential is even greater

Myriad 6 brings together all the varied information that publishing and events industries run on. It turns that information into a single, insight-rich store with all the relevant administrative systems and procedures built in. This makes it the one source of knowledge that can help release the full potential of customers’ businesses. And with its latest improvements, it’s even easier to capitalise on opportunities.

For more information call Graham Elliott on 0118 989 2003.